As you can see, I switched back to WordPress. I deleted my Tumblr account after I exported everything to this site. Trying to consolidate all my journals into one page. Next up is live journal.

It’s interesting to re-read past posts and the comments made by others. I wrote lots of poetry back in college and I had my go-to friends. It brings back memories of being connected to friends through icq, aim, and MSN (am I dating myself?).

Gratitude goes to reliable servers, posting from phone, past archives, new site, and customization options.

I wrote a long post yesterday about how frustrating it is to be in a predicament where the posts you thought were posted were in fact not only not posted, but wasn’t saved.  The last 4 days were full of learnings but I relied too much on the tumblr phone app. (something about tumblr glitches these past few days).  I of course don’t recall them – I mean, that’s one of the reasons why I post every night, so that I don’t forget.  

But of course, yesterday’s post wasn’t saved either.  I’ve given up on the android tumblr app.  I’m submitting this through my laptop, but I’ll need to find another platform to continue the blogging.  I’m considering Wix or going back to WordPress.  

Today, I finally got to attend a Generation Wellness training.  It was 6 hours of resource filled hands-on training.  A big message is about educating the whole child–mind, body, and heart, and with that comes self-care and the understanding of your brain.  If majority of parents want happiness for their children, then why isn’t happiness taught in schools? Vanessa does a great job integrating the human side into the tech fields.  Lyndsay is integrating the human side into the educational systems.  Since the training was in Olympia, I had to leave my house around 6:30am –which means wake up around 5:15am.  Of course, I had way too much anxiety about what if scenarios of driving to Olympia, and didn’t get much sleep.  I got back in one piece, but boy am I exhausted.   Driving makes my anxiety level sky rocket.  Not fun.  With that, I promised some friends I’d get back to them, but I’ve decided to put that off for tonight and sleep early tonight.  

Gratitude goes to origami, educators, counselors, introverts, and wellness warriors. 

LLG: I am at my last stretch for Crisis Text Line Counselor training and realized that I’ve got laser sharp focus when it comes to opportunities to be of service to others.  I got a surprise in the mail today– a signed copy from Drew Dudley for his first book, This is Day One.  Today started with a talk with Bobbi and how I’m at the cusp of revealing my true self vs. letting go of my true self.  I’m on the edge of an end and a beginning.  

Gratitude goes to learning, small wins, surprises, training, and friendship.

LLG: Styes are the worst.  My left eye will fill up with tears randomly and my eyelid feels heavy.  I can’t itch it as it’ll get worse–yet there’s no other way to take away itchiness.  Typically, I can slap it when my arm or leg itches, but when it comes to my eye, I can’t do that.  It’s the most bizarre thing to roll your eyeballs in hope of rubbing your eyelid so that it stops itching.  Turns out my mom used to get styes whereas my dad never got it.  My sister rarely gets it.  I got the lucky gene to get it every once in a while.  The Mexican method of adding warm compression with a grille chile is working–however, this particular serrano chile is spicier than usual and it is now tingling my eye.  I washed my eye with boric acid (housan) and now it’s itching even more.  gahhh. Nightmare I tell you.  Learned today that the song Boku no Koe by Rhythmic Toy World (I think?) is Hannyu’s warm up routine song.  It’s a lift me up song for sure, but it was cute to watch him get geared up right before his performances. Amazing what music can do for you. I also made Kareipan (Curry pan) which is essentially fried bread with curry inside, using pancake mix.  Learned that frying pancake mix is fine, but if I were to steam it, it’ll definitely be too sweet. 

Gratitude goes to the power of chiles, youtube videos, affirmations, willpower not to itch my eye, and Pepper Panic Saga. 

LLG: Learned that watching NBC’s Tuesdays shows: The Voice, This is Us, and New Amsterdam back to back to back is no bueno.  There’s a reason I spanned it out to watching it the next few days.  Also don’t see how US reality shows are equitable when it comes to voting.  Clearly, east coast and central time zones can vote for sudden decisions, and us west coast and mountain time folx sees what the results were.  How is that in any way fair? 

Grateful for Tuesday shows, flirtatious texts, streaming shows online, job descriptions, and warm weather.

LLG: Kinda crazy how one thumb can screw up your lifestyle. Aka, Im having a hard time texting. It also makes you realize how our bodies are connected, and when one part doesn’t work, another part shifts into gear. With that said, if I don’t move my ass soon, I’m going to be extremely plump. I must lose this weight.

On another note, my application went through to become a crisis text counselor. Training starts in one week. I also started transcription work.

Grateful for texting, apps, saved conversations, gluttony and perseverance.

LLG: Culture is easier to build when everyone is on board. Minshew has accomplished to pick up the Cougs from losing Hilinski #3 to making them 10-1 this season. I credit him for coming in and feeling his way in, but I also give credit to the cougar culture. You either hate it or love it, and I sure am proud to call myself a Coug of 07.

Gratitude goes to Taiwanese ginger syrup tofu, Kimchi, shin ramen, WSU cougar football, and Coug culture.