Intentions for 2022

raw wishes for 2022

What I want in 2022: Balance in growth. I want to start painting a picture using the water color techniques I’ve learned in 2021. I want to feel grounded–stability with an Einstein approach. Ability to separate work from interests; continue side hustling with midnite ramen to start, maybe UX research or journal prompts on the side. Steady growth of consistency–> don’t want to lose the momentum I built last year. Find a balance with my new normal again. Stay in touch and let go of others. Be intentional. Practice what I want for myself. Practice doing the hard stuff. Practice, practice, practice.

A dream life for me looks like: I share a communal space where I can be me, but with others present. A living room or perhaps a coffee table? A place to have drinks or just chat. A place for sobremesa. No commute per se. No having to “schedule” ahead of time; able to flexibly accommodate, travel when needed with a car (having learnt the mechanics a little bit more) while enjoying and getting accustomed to the way of the job. Have enough cushion for me to expand my growth in the role and try new approaches. Being aware of the transitions that happen from newbie to veteran. Not feeling guilty for taking days off. Living with someone–sharing space, sharing moments. Being in tune with nature more. Active–exploring the outside world. Balance of all four pillars of life; while maintaining the multiple layers of me. Open-ended chaos –meeting Diversophy friends in-person or maybe even puttypeeps. Be a coug at heart, but a dawg during the day.

Home 2022: 1. New space to call ‘mine.’ 2. Maintain contribution in virtual communities. 3. Expand network in-person. Body 2022: 1. Re-align my hips. 2. Be proud of what I look like without hiding it. 3. Enjoy movement with my body/embodiment. Mind 2022: 1. Financial well-being of self (investing, Rich Dad Poor Dad). 2. Side-hustle (being of service for a price). 3. Stepping into my educator-coach self again. Soul 2022: 1. Strengthen friendship with parts. 2. Continue with guide in exploring vulnerabilities and changes that come up. 3. Share my learnings of myself in some form–blog, journal, voice podcast?

What do I need to make this life happen?: Room for growth, emotional support, a cushion to fall back on when things don’t go the way I expect it; accountability, a team, supportive cheerleaders, subject matter experts, and encouragement.

In 2022, what’s a boundary I want to set: work-life balance.

Self-care practice that I will commit to in 2022: to be still with my thoughts and emotions. Don’t “shut it up” but sit still with it and acknowledge it.

My intention for 2022 is to practice who I want to be (so that I can show up as a better version of myself each time).

My word of the year is: practice.

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