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Intentions for 2022

raw wishes for 2022

What I want in 2022: Balance in growth. I want to start painting a picture using the water color techniques I’ve learned in 2021. I want to feel grounded–stability with an Einstein approach. Ability to separate work from interests; continue side hustling with midnite ramen to start, maybe UX research or journal prompts on the side. Steady growth of consistency–> don’t want to lose the momentum I built last year. Find a balance with my new normal again. Stay in touch and let go of others. Be intentional. Practice what I want for myself. Practice doing the hard stuff. Practice, practice, practice.

A dream life for me looks like: I share a communal space where I can be me, but with others present. A living room or perhaps a coffee table? A place to have drinks or just chat. A place for sobremesa. No commute per se. No having to “schedule” ahead of time; able to flexibly accommodate, travel when needed with a car (having learnt the mechanics a little bit more) while enjoying and getting accustomed to the way of the job. Have enough cushion for me to expand my growth in the role and try new approaches. Being aware of the transitions that happen from newbie to veteran. Not feeling guilty for taking days off. Living with someone–sharing space, sharing moments. Being in tune with nature more. Active–exploring the outside world. Balance of all four pillars of life; while maintaining the multiple layers of me. Open-ended chaos –meeting Diversophy friends in-person or maybe even puttypeeps. Be a coug at heart, but a dawg during the day.

Home 2022: 1. New space to call ‘mine.’ 2. Maintain contribution in virtual communities. 3. Expand network in-person. Body 2022: 1. Re-align my hips. 2. Be proud of what I look like without hiding it. 3. Enjoy movement with my body/embodiment. Mind 2022: 1. Financial well-being of self (investing, Rich Dad Poor Dad). 2. Side-hustle (being of service for a price). 3. Stepping into my educator-coach self again. Soul 2022: 1. Strengthen friendship with parts. 2. Continue with guide in exploring vulnerabilities and changes that come up. 3. Share my learnings of myself in some form–blog, journal, voice podcast?

What do I need to make this life happen?: Room for growth, emotional support, a cushion to fall back on when things don’t go the way I expect it; accountability, a team, supportive cheerleaders, subject matter experts, and encouragement.

In 2022, what’s a boundary I want to set: work-life balance.

Self-care practice that I will commit to in 2022: to be still with my thoughts and emotions. Don’t “shut it up” but sit still with it and acknowledge it.

My intention for 2022 is to practice who I want to be (so that I can show up as a better version of myself each time).

My word of the year is: practice.

Reflecting on 2021

putting thoughts to pen to paper

Feels very fitting that my first post of 2021 is of reflecting the year. Took some time to write out the thoughts that came about while listening to Yoga Girl’s podcast that @thefemmespark recommended. For those that know me, I love collecting questions that make me ponder; and this podcast was filled with them, so here’s what came up:

Overall Feeling: impatient with myself. Felt the need to always be busy. Scheduling things day by day; but in the end–or maybe starting in May, learned how to be patient with myself–embracing my own pace and life style. Looking back, I was in the right place at the right time. I had the time & curiosity to explore different mediums & fields. I tried to separate myself–using “but” a lot, instead of “and.” Guide always said “You are independent” and it finally clicked. I am. I was uncomfortable being comfortable in my own skin. Now the feeling is hygge–a time paused–to embrace the warmth, the contribution, the wealth of knowledge, the communities built, the relationships connected. The blending of water + paint in water coloring.

2021 was: clarity, learning, an informational interview of myself. It was insightful, inclusive of all my parts, lots of awe, learnings, re-learning, reframing, reshifting, looking at things from different perspectives–> re-spiral of learning and things falling to place.

2021 at a glance:

January – constructive

February- eager

March – tender

April – engaged

May – inspired

June – attentive

July – stimulated

August – energized

September – composed

October – vulnerable

November – welcoming

December – grounded

In 2021 I:

  • found clarity
  • immersed myself in the puttyverse
  • re-connected with Little Lisa
  • got vulnerable
  • found my fears & worries
  • explored the dark side: wisdom of trauma
  • made intentional connections
  • learned to love holding safe spaces through active listening & facilitation
  • expressed creatively
  • lived life
  • felt motivated
  • was consistent
  • held accountability
  • made decisions despite uncertainty
  • cooked creatively
  • took off facebook
  • stopped posting on instagram (only for work)
  • learned a lot
  • read a lot
  • hosted a virtual conference
  • interviewed and got the job
  • pivoted career
  • explored inner parts: Internal Family Systems (IFS), astrology, tarot–all connections as it relates to psychology and me
  • kept in touch with P2
  • worked part time as a social media designer/HR/website manager/translator
  • explored career design with a new lens; creatively found ways to market myself
  • made it through with storytelling and learned the power of it
  • journaled a lot; and made prompts for others
  • was made aware of emotions
  • found clarity and purpose; a sense of direction
  • found community
  • immersed myself in new findings

The Intention I set for 2021 was: to find a job that paid my worth, and in a team. My word was: demonstrate. My epic win was to find a job by Spring 2022. Realized the one profession I was not applying to had the potential to be what I was looking for. The word manifested itself in a way that I needed to look inwards –> I had to interview myself; demonstrate that I had the answers all along. To be confident and patient with myself–to know and decide for me. I received confidence, assurance, and a great example for myself and others that it can be done.

2021 taught me: to be patient. That practice takes time. It takes time to create change; but consistency is the first step, after awareness. It taught me boundaries–energy shifting–the power of voice messages, consistency–accountability; to lean on others; to not be afraid to ask for help. To make hard decisions. The value of inclusivity and identity.

My most wonderful moments were: hearing full circle moment of marketing & sales for midnite ramen; Apple Cup win, voice messages from a wise soul, catch-ups with Barb, 1:1 connections through zoom; sound board sessions, 1st FIGT virtual conference, creativity, Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics.

Closest connections: Selva, Thomas, Putty Tank folks, P2, Heather, and so many authors!

Thank you: door, Little Lisa, hip pain/hip tilt, Joel, Puttyverse, accountability, special friend, prezis, huddles/zoom, canva, Elmer, instagram, FIGT, Hybrid Professionals, Career Design Fellowship, Job Search Support Accountability Group, LinkedIn, Little Lisa, Heather, stories, feelies, words, videos–instagram, eucalyptus scent, down vests/hoodies, hummingbirds, and “the work.”

Hard lesson learned: generational trauma can’t be fixed; but I can fix myself. Not fix, but re-learn and be stronger. I’m not perfect, but imperfectly perfect and have a lot to offer–more than I give myself credit for. Hi-Fi is hear and so is Little Lisa.

I’m leaving behind: worry and anxiety. Letting of impatience and trying to be 120%. It’s okay to be not okay. I can be happy and sad at the same time. Multipotential emotions. Done with not feeling enough. Done with saying ‘but.’

In 2022 I’m taking with me: the courage to show-up; be present with my emotions. To share my experience, to teach when asked, to ask for help, to question, stay curious, learning, energy, and creativity.

Yoga Girl’s Processing 2021 episode

What are you mourning/grieving from 2021? Loss of expecting my mom to change.

What are you celebrating from 2021?: voice messages; the insights made with intention; celebrating connections without the physical presence. Containing space/energy and making it safe and intimate.

2021 for me was: my tango with water as a water color paint. My color green with splashes of red and yellow–that made hints of orange to create nuances of gradience into clarity.

[Home is family, container, and relationships; body is the physical, health, well-being; mind is your career, work, studies, growth, and learning; and soul is the inner work, self-care, healing, and/or therapy.]

Home (3) in 2021: High: creating a work station, boundary of myself. Low: blending boundaries, getting lost in the boundaries.

Mind (2) in 2021: High: curiosity of clarity for next chapter of my life, and pivoting into new job with pay. Low: losing touch with friends.

Body (4) in 2021: High: understanding the whys & healing my body. Low: the physical pain & tensions.

Soul (1) in 2021: High: connecting/awareness/communication with inner parts. Low: taking in overthinking and worry.

Being a misfit

As a TCK, I’ve always been a misfit– I never truly belonged anywhere because I have the tools to flex in/out of situations. Some take misfit as a weakness, but I carry it as a strength becuz it allows me to be non-obvious (borrowing the term from @rohitbb ) and see things that the in group may never have seen.
Being a multipotentialite is the same.  The word found me when I watched Emilie Wapnick’s Tedx talk on why some of us don’t have one true calling.  I’ve always been a multipeep from when I was a kid– I had so many interests. I still do.  My library e-book list and my onetab/book marks can vouch for that.
@puttylike_hq , the community that Emilie created turns 10 on the 27th of this month.  I turned 36 on the 11th.  There were no signs of balloons or party-feel since I ended up with a migraine from the crazy smoke that rolled into our state.  It instead made me reflect on what I do have and what energy I still have left in me.
These last couple of years have been a reflective period of my life– quitting my job, trying to figure out who I truly am, trying to find pieces of myself again.  I’ve been learning that I find warmth and feed off of others’ energy when they share with me their spark.  Whatever their spark is, and however people want to share — it really doesn’t matter how the spark exists, as long as it does, and the warmth is shared. Emilie asked how has embracing your multipotentiality made you a better human? It has made me understand that we humans are complex beings, and it really isn’t hard to help ignite those sparks in people once you ask them about what energizes them and/or what lights them up with joy.  It may be what they do for work it may not.  It doesn’t matter if you’re being paid for it or not.  You’ll know when they are sharing their authentic selves, because you’ll feel their energy and warmth — their aura if you will.  It’s a feeling, and yes, it works virtually too.
So instead of wishing on a birthday candle this year, I hope you continue to share your warmth with me and that I too can keep my spark lit.
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Race isn’t easy to talk about, but we have to start somewhere. What privileges do you currently hold? What privileges do you hold while being in proximity to whiteness? Do the work. Get uncomfortable. Call people out. #BlackLivesMatter #wp

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I’ve gone back and forth with what to say and how to say it. All the while I wasn’t saying anything at all. Reality is, staying quiet is equally a problem. Say something and do anything. Stand up, accept only what is right and just and do your part endlessly. I hope we are all self aware enough to know if you are a person of privilege, use it to do work. Overwhelmed with not knowing how to help? Searching “ways to help black lives matter” is a damn good place to start and too simple not to. Do it please and follow through with actions that make it all count. There is no wrong way or actions that are too small to Be Good, Spread Good, and Do Good. Choose to Be the Better.
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