Race isn’t easy to talk about, but we have to start somewhere. What privileges do you currently hold? What privileges do you hold while being in proximity to whiteness? Do the work. Get uncomfortable. Call people out. #BlackLivesMatter #wp

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I’ve gone back and forth with what to say and how to say it. All the while I wasn’t saying anything at all. Reality is, staying quiet is equally a problem. Say something and do anything. Stand up, accept only what is right and just and do your part endlessly. I hope we are all self aware enough to know if you are a person of privilege, use it to do work. Overwhelmed with not knowing how to help? Searching “ways to help black lives matter” is a damn good place to start and too simple not to. Do it please and follow through with actions that make it all count. There is no wrong way or actions that are too small to Be Good, Spread Good, and Do Good. Choose to Be the Better.
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