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Lessons Learned & Gratitude

LLG: Learned today that it’s hard to write a letter to my future self. Learned more about to do lists. Do you cross things off to make your self feel better or feel productive, or do you create a list to figure out your priorities? I also learned that I already have a created habit since I moved back, which is to do dishes after breakfast. Simple but it’s definitely a habit now.

I’m grateful for people who challenge me, the ability to communicate in English, getting paid remotely, NSLS speaker broadcasts, and 9tsu.

LLG: Learned today that people who care will reach out, even if years have passed. Learned about forgiveness, too. Willing to forgive is the 1st step. Learned about sunken cost fallacy.

Grateful for the emotions art gives me, whatsapp, LINE, rekindled connections, and amurochan’s hard work these 25 years

LLG: Learned today that FB changed something where each birthday message is sent through messenger. It was nice to get continuous chatheads pop up throughout the day. (additionally learned that I set it up that way, but I liked it better Tbh). Also learned that I haven’t forgotten much of my Spanish. Totally remembered how to say popote (straw). Lastly, I learned that rubber duckies has as much bacteria in the bath as a porta potty. Those creepers are everywhere.

I’m grateful for all the birthday messages that I received since Sunday, my memory to remember what happened on my 17th birthday, great food with parents, catching up with friends, and last but not least, to be alive to take this all in.

Lessons Learned & Gratitude

[I’ll be starting up the Lessons Learned & Gratitude (LLG) Journal starting tonight. Every night close to 9:11, I’ll be posting what I learned that day and what I’m thankful for.]

LLG: I learned today that shift starts from me. Instead of saying “I should be losing weight” I can say “I could be losing weight.” Language plays a significant part in how we show up for ourselves. I also learned that I feel happy when I talk about culture and design. I’ll be exploring these two themes a bit more tonight. Drew’s method of living your values came full circle tonight (again) in my coaching session. His book/online platform truly breaks down practical methods of how to live your values. If you haven’t picked up the book, I encourage you to do so.

I’m thankful for continual learning, the option to work on me while not losing my savings, wifi, self-awareness, and belonging to where I am needed.