Lessons Learned & Gratitude

[I’ll be starting up the Lessons Learned & Gratitude (LLG) Journal starting tonight. Every night close to 9:11, I’ll be posting what I learned that day and what I’m thankful for.]

LLG: I learned today that shift starts from me. Instead of saying “I should be losing weight” I can say “I could be losing weight.” Language plays a significant part in how we show up for ourselves. I also learned that I feel happy when I talk about culture and design. I’ll be exploring these two themes a bit more tonight. Drew’s method of living your values came full circle tonight (again) in my coaching session. His book/online platform truly breaks down practical methods of how to live your values. If you haven’t picked up the book, I encourage you to do so.

I’m thankful for continual learning, the option to work on me while not losing my savings, wifi, self-awareness, and belonging to where I am needed.

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