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Being a misfit

As a TCK, I’ve always been a misfit– I never truly belonged anywhere because I have the tools to flex in/out of situations. Some take misfit as a weakness, but I carry it as a strength becuz it allows me to be non-obvious (borrowing the term from @rohitbb ) and see things that the in group may never have seen.
Being a multipotentialite is the same.  The word found me when I watched Emilie Wapnick’s Tedx talk on why some of us don’t have one true calling.  I’ve always been a multipeep from when I was a kid– I had so many interests. I still do.  My library e-book list and my onetab/book marks can vouch for that.
@puttylike_hq , the community that Emilie created turns 10 on the 27th of this month.  I turned 36 on the 11th.  There were no signs of balloons or party-feel since I ended up with a migraine from the crazy smoke that rolled into our state.  It instead made me reflect on what I do have and what energy I still have left in me.
These last couple of years have been a reflective period of my life– quitting my job, trying to figure out who I truly am, trying to find pieces of myself again.  I’ve been learning that I find warmth and feed off of others’ energy when they share with me their spark.  Whatever their spark is, and however people want to share — it really doesn’t matter how the spark exists, as long as it does, and the warmth is shared. Emilie asked how has embracing your multipotentiality made you a better human? It has made me understand that we humans are complex beings, and it really isn’t hard to help ignite those sparks in people once you ask them about what energizes them and/or what lights them up with joy.  It may be what they do for work it may not.  It doesn’t matter if you’re being paid for it or not.  You’ll know when they are sharing their authentic selves, because you’ll feel their energy and warmth — their aura if you will.  It’s a feeling, and yes, it works virtually too.
So instead of wishing on a birthday candle this year, I hope you continue to share your warmth with me and that I too can keep my spark lit.
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Race isn’t easy to talk about, but we have to start somewhere. What privileges do you currently hold? What privileges do you hold while being in proximity to whiteness? Do the work. Get uncomfortable. Call people out. #BlackLivesMatter #wp

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I’ve gone back and forth with what to say and how to say it. All the while I wasn’t saying anything at all. Reality is, staying quiet is equally a problem. Say something and do anything. Stand up, accept only what is right and just and do your part endlessly. I hope we are all self aware enough to know if you are a person of privilege, use it to do work. Overwhelmed with not knowing how to help? Searching “ways to help black lives matter” is a damn good place to start and too simple not to. Do it please and follow through with actions that make it all count. There is no wrong way or actions that are too small to Be Good, Spread Good, and Do Good. Choose to Be the Better.
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