LLG: Learned today how much time I wasted on FB at any given time of day.  It’s amazing what you can do when you’re not on FB.  Also learned about taking care of my real self more so than my digital self.  For the longest time, I made an effort to take care of my digital identity, but now, I feel like it’s time to polish my real identity.  Sure someone can look me up online, but what if the internet is down? How will people remember me as? What do I stand for? What kind of impression am I making on them? Learned the importance of expression of feelings.  I don’t think someone can say that they’re happy without smiling.  In all honesty, I think happy is not the adjective I’d use to describe my status.  Looking at my phone, I haven’t taken a selfie in months.  I’ll be using selfies as a way to smile more.  I’ll fake it ‘til I can make it naturally.  

Gratitude goes to Project 137, my self-awareness, my decisions, my vision board, and the movie Heidi (1993). 

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