LLG: Learned today that I suffer from ‘mental masturbation’ where I stimulate the brain too much with information, stopping myself from actual action.  This really explains my crazy necessity to read up on so many articles–some quite interesting to others that I already know the content on.  It’s like I read to self assure I’m thinking the right thing.  For the longest time, I had the urge to read Charlotte’s Web again, which I did today.  It’s a good book, but don’t know where I wanted to go with it.  Being of service to others without anything in return? Learned that I have the resources to be successful.  I know I’ve been successful. I simply need to figure out what’s stopping me from getting in on the action.  I feel like the ah-ha moment is coming.  I’m hoping sooner than later.  Another thing I learned today is that I have a lot to offer.  I need to acknowledge that and own it.  

Gratitude goes to P2P recordings, affirmations, power of words, encouragement from others, and positive energy. 

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