LLG: Today was all about Simon Sinek and The Why.  I had an epiphany today that ever since graduating with my Leadership degree, I’ve constantly fed my brain with different ways to get to the The Why but never sat down to write down my Why.  Personal Leadership, The Day One Leadership Program, The Freestyle Career program, and the Procrastination to Purpose Program– all of these are quite similar.  Their how’s are different, but in the end, the Why is all that matters.  I watched an hour of the live webinar for “Finding Your Why” and the way they propose is very similar to Drew Dudley’s exercises that I got to partake back in the day.  All of what Simon Sinek makes sense, and so does PL, Drew, Esther, and Becky.  It’s putting it into words that is making me feel stuck.  Our Why or rather my why should explain the contribution and impact that we can make in the world.  I still have yet to articulate it – I wrote my last statement back in February at Whidbey Institute, but I think a new one is overdue.  The biggest takeaway from the webinar was this “The Why comes from our limbic part of the brain responsible for all our behaviors, all decision-making.  It’s got no capacity for language so at the very best, our Why statement is the approximation and expression of the feeling that lies behind our Why.”  No wonder I’ve been feeling stuck.  I’ve always been a feeler– if I didn’t feel right, I won’t go with it.  By not being able to confidently express my Why, it’s been hard to understand where I want to go.  “Words are representations for a meaning.” –Touche. My Why should essentially explain what feels right to me.  In other words, it’s my ikigai.  I’m still marinating a couple words.  I’m hoping I can take my notebook and explore my Why by the water tomorrow. See what comes.  I’m so close to getting my ah-ha moment, I’m hoping tomorrow is the day.  

Gratitude goes to Simon Sinek’s NSLS broadcast, disconnection, unplugging, new perspectives, and questioning myself. 

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