LLG: Had my 1:1 with my P2P coach, Esther, and learned that I’m feeling stuck because I’m not physically moving. Well no duh, huh? I admit I have put job search to the side. It’s been on my mind sure, but I haven’t acted on it.  Shifting my mind to seeing that there’s also a price to time wasted– it got me to want to act.  If not a job, then at least volunteer to get out of the house more often.  Being able to find something nearby so that I can get my daily walk would be ideal, but I’m considering volunteering in Seattle if need be.  Once I had my 2 hour talk, and promised to start my job search, a recruiter contacted me through LinkedIn and I’m currently trying to re edit my resume.  I kept saying it’s timing, but I suppose we create the timing ourselves.  I realized I’ve been using finding my why as an excuse or rationale behind not acting on the job search.  Esther asked me a couple questions that I couldn’t answer.  I’ll have to go through the recording and jot those down.  I’ve realized I put way too much pressure on myself trying to be perfect in this process and trying to find the perfect job.  There’s no such thing.  I find the perfect in the imperfect.  I thrive in the discomfort.  I’m done feeling stuck.  I challenge myself to fail.  Challenge accepted. [oh, small note to myself, I’ll start a Lessons Learned from Movies (LLM) starting with Kung Fu Panda 3. P.S. Learned I can stylize my posts. Awesome possum.] 

Gratitude goes to self-awareness, 1:1 coaching, digging deeper, unleashing the vulnerability, and jumping into discomfort.  

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