LLG: Spent last night/morning talking to a friend in need and then continued to talk to another friend and ended up sleeping at around 2:30 am. I woke up around 7 am, but then ended up sleeping 4 hours more as I tried to focus on reading a book.  What did I learn? I’ll always help people in need, but, I need to recharge as well.  Learned about Carla Hall.  I always thought she was a news anchor, but she’s a Top Chef contestant, possibly a winner? I hope to check out the episodes she was in, 5th and 8th season.  Her NSLS broadcast was fun and I hope to catch the replay.  I only got to see half of Carla’s talk, but I caught the part where she says there’s only two sides to life: love or fear and everything else is the derivative of those two options.  I can see how that works since fear of others can result to hate, fear of success can result in inaction, etc. She says to lead with love and use fear as a vehicle to move you forward.  I think her talk came at a good timing, especially as I closed a chapter of the coaching program.  

Gratitude goes to being able to serve others, active listening, connecting people with others, together is always better, and commercial free TV shows. 

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