LLG: Today, I learned about a homeless person (ホームレス小谷) in Japan who has apparently made himself quite famous. He basically lives off of people’s compassion and willingness to share resources.  I suppose there’s always two sides to the story, but at one hand, this homeless guy doesn’t have a job or a home and yet he’s happy go lucky because there are people who want to meet him that will pay for his transportation, food, and lodging, and he’s fine with it.  Others may view that as a smoocher or simply lazy person who is using other people’s money.  What’s interesting to me is the question in hand when it comes to ‘giving’ someone a place to stay at your place without knowing them.  The idea behind boundaries or a lack thereof within our society is something to think about.  This guy creates connections via social media and goes and meets people in person.  He’s been living this life for five years now, and there’s plenty more according to his connections.   I suppose if he has his WHY then that’s all that matters.  

According to Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Language, my top 3 dominants (all the same scores) were: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.  I scored the least in gifts and acts of service.  What does that say about me? It simply means that these 3 love languages speak louder to me than doing or giving me something.  Spending quality time while using words and physical touch is how I value and create meaning within the relationship.  I’m not too surprised with the result as it describes a typical day of shenanigans whether I’m spending the day with friends or a significant other. 

Gratitude goes to love for football, finding solutions to problems, dim sum, NHK Special, and self-awareness. 

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