LLG: I learned today that jellyfish is 95% water, which led me to research what kind of jellyfish are the edible kind. Turns out there’s about 6 kinds of jellyfish that are edible. For those of you who haven’t tried jellyfish yet, there isn’t much flavor but the texture is unique. Often times it’s dried and then rehydrated when mixing it in salads and such.

Learned today of yet another shooting. Ever since the midterm election, Washington passed initiative 940. Saw a friend’s post who is clearly opposed to the initiative, but I’ve heard, listened, and researched regarding this particular initiative, as my student government leaders had to vote whether to endorse it as an organization. Senseless shootings need to stop. It’s insane to think there has been 307 shootings, 382 deaths in 312 days of 2018. That’s like saying we’ve had a shooting everyday except for a 5 day work week off. It should not be the norm where someone ends up in 2 shootings in their life time. We can’t normalize this in our society.

Gratitude goes to warm blankets, two sides to a story, ability to reach out, communication and accepting criticism.

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