LLG: Styes are the worst.  My left eye will fill up with tears randomly and my eyelid feels heavy.  I can’t itch it as it’ll get worse–yet there’s no other way to take away itchiness.  Typically, I can slap it when my arm or leg itches, but when it comes to my eye, I can’t do that.  It’s the most bizarre thing to roll your eyeballs in hope of rubbing your eyelid so that it stops itching.  Turns out my mom used to get styes whereas my dad never got it.  My sister rarely gets it.  I got the lucky gene to get it every once in a while.  The Mexican method of adding warm compression with a grille chile is working–however, this particular serrano chile is spicier than usual and it is now tingling my eye.  I washed my eye with boric acid (housan) and now it’s itching even more.  gahhh. Nightmare I tell you.  Learned today that the song Boku no Koe by Rhythmic Toy World (I think?) is Hannyu’s warm up routine song.  It’s a lift me up song for sure, but it was cute to watch him get geared up right before his performances. Amazing what music can do for you. I also made Kareipan (Curry pan) which is essentially fried bread with curry inside, using pancake mix.  Learned that frying pancake mix is fine, but if I were to steam it, it’ll definitely be too sweet. 

Gratitude goes to the power of chiles, youtube videos, affirmations, willpower not to itch my eye, and Pepper Panic Saga. 

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