I wrote a long post yesterday about how frustrating it is to be in a predicament where the posts you thought were posted were in fact not only not posted, but wasn’t saved.  The last 4 days were full of learnings but I relied too much on the tumblr phone app. (something about tumblr glitches these past few days).  I of course don’t recall them – I mean, that’s one of the reasons why I post every night, so that I don’t forget.  

But of course, yesterday’s post wasn’t saved either.  I’ve given up on the android tumblr app.  I’m submitting this through my laptop, but I’ll need to find another platform to continue the blogging.  I’m considering Wix or going back to WordPress.  

Today, I finally got to attend a Generation Wellness training.  It was 6 hours of resource filled hands-on training.  A big message is about educating the whole child–mind, body, and heart, and with that comes self-care and the understanding of your brain.  If majority of parents want happiness for their children, then why isn’t happiness taught in schools? Vanessa does a great job integrating the human side into the tech fields.  Lyndsay is integrating the human side into the educational systems.  Since the training was in Olympia, I had to leave my house around 6:30am –which means wake up around 5:15am.  Of course, I had way too much anxiety about what if scenarios of driving to Olympia, and didn’t get much sleep.  I got back in one piece, but boy am I exhausted.   Driving makes my anxiety level sky rocket.  Not fun.  With that, I promised some friends I’d get back to them, but I’ve decided to put that off for tonight and sleep early tonight.  

Gratitude goes to origami, educators, counselors, introverts, and wellness warriors. 

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