Watching The Voice makes you see what talent is really like. It’s one thing to be able to sing mainstream music but then to make it your own voice and style is what makes the great ones. I have my personal favorites, but every week someone else surprises me. I knew most of the songs tonight, but only a few (3 to be exact) made me think they sang it as good if not changed it up to be better than the original. Others, lost pitch or ran out of breathe. It’ll be interesting to see who is being sent home tomorrow.

On a different note, I transferred all my posts here which allowed me to deactivate/delete two other blogging platforms. Rereading past posts took me back to triumphs, resilience, heartbreak, and vulnerability. It made me realize that writing is always the solution to help me get through my emotional outbursts. It’s where I can talk to myself out loud and clear out the hazy mess in my mind.

Gratitude goes to The Voice, music, writing, Vanessa Marin’s webinar, and to new discoveries.

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