what the heck is up with the snow?  Yesterday I was in flip-flops, spaghetti straps, and jeans.  Today, I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, sneakers, and a winter coat!  what the fuck?!  its amazing bizzare!!!  This week was supposed to be the whole events week with mom’s weekend coming up, and it’s snowing?!  that isn’t good at all… (all the events I’m going to is inside so I’m good) anyways, that’s not all that’s unbelievable…

there’s a freakin’ arsonist on my campus.  who in their right mind lits a fire burning 6 cars and then decides to burn some newspaper in the old section of the library??  I swear…it’s one thing to think..hmm..thursday night and I’m bored..let me go get drunk and another to think…hmm…i’m bored so i’m going to see what happens when I lit a fire by a car gas tank… it’s amazing how people are stupid these days. 

oh, and you want to hear another incredible story?  well, yesterday Peter Jennings the news anchor for World News Tonight from ABC came to my campus to recieve the Lifetime Achievement Award cuz..my school is like #1 for communications in the west…anyways… after he spoke and whatnot he took some questions, and this Freshmen girl is on the microphone saying, “so, as you may know you work in ABC right?” its like dude… we all know he’s from ABC~!  and that’s not all… she tried to be all smart and said somethin’ of what he felt about disney and comcast’s merging deal..but she messed up the two company names…and then Peter Jennings commented, “I’ve heard that WSU students were smart…”  after that she commented, “I try” oh my god… how stupid do you have to be to even answer back on that?! it’s like thousands of people just saw you get humiliated by Peter Jennings and he actually dissed you…and you don’t even notice~!  

I swear, I hope it’s the weather that’s making these people unbelievable insane cuz if not, I think I’m going to feel like I’m the sane one…and you all know that isn’t a good sign! hehe…

  • Current Mood:  enraged

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