Why xtckelz?

Let’s start with the beginning.  My name is Risa Zenno, but I go by Lisa.  That takes care of the “el Z.”  I’m a Third Culture Kid or a TCK.  I’m trilingual in English, Japanese, and Spanish. “X” is a symbol for the unknown variable.  Remember algebra? Find x?  It also symbolizes multiplication, or times.  “X” is pronounced ‘equis’ in Spanish.  The term ‘equis’ is a slang term I used while living in Mexico City.  It’s used when changing one subject to another, or to cancel out a topic.  The famous phrase is “osea, equis.”

I love play on words, especially between different languages.  My favorite number is 3, and I am often times cryptic; but I digress.  Whatever reflection I post on this blog, it will be “xTCK el Z” meaning, it will always have a TCK lens in el Z’s viewpoint. It’s my cryptic way of saying everything written here will be multiplied by my TCK lens.

So why not simply “xtck” or “xtcklz”? “xtck” was unfortunately taken, and “xtcklz” can be mistaken for the number 1 as opposed to the letter “l.”  I also have a tendency to emphasize the “el” or “L” in my name.

I’ll be honest, this blog is a challenge and an adventure.  I always think and reflect, and many (especially my extended family members) always ask, how did x arise?  What makes you think like that?  I’m hoping that this blog will answer some of those questions, and if not, well I tried.  😉

PS: In retrospect, xtckelz sort of looks like tickles.  If my blog can touch you as to cause laughter, I can live with that too. 🙂 Besides, my name is Risa, and in Spanish, that’s laughter. 

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