LLG: Learned that duolingo, lingo deer, and drops all has it’s pros to teach me Korean. Tonight’s episode of 911: is the phrase “come on up to my room” a learned behavior? I instinctively thought she was going upstairs to see a guy. It turns out it was her boss, and she was supposed to do a presentation. As an employee, especially as a women employee, where can we draw the line? Should she have texted back to say to meet her at the lobby? I think the most important take away of the episode is that it’s not what you strive to do and the dreams you wish to accomplish, it’s really about if you feel like you’ve lived your life to the fullest, and if not, why not? You’ve got one chance to live. Natural disasters, earthquakes, anything can happen tomorrow. Would you have spent your day the same way if you had known you had one more day to live?

Grateful for safety, a roof over my head, photographs to remind me of past moments, Sean’s check ups, and knowing you’re reading this post.


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