LLG: I had plans to visit the library today to get work done. Instead, I spent most of the day watching, listening, and reading the Kavanaugh hearing. People say anything on the internet is permanent, but so are yearbooks and people’s horrific experiences they had to endure all these years. I learned that everyone has their own version of truth and whether we can truly know an absolute truth is a mystery. I learned that in order for a cultural shift to occur, we all need to come out of the fear and darkness. I didn’t end up getting to do anything I wanted to do today, but in return, I gained new insights for the movement of gender equality, #MeToo movement, and #WhyIDidntReport.

Grateful to have witnessed Dr. Ford’s hearing–her courage and strength, to hear of others’ stories near and far, the new episode of This is US, the pilot episode of the New Ámsterdam, and the emotions I got to feel all throughout the day.

#StopKavanaugh #tumblr

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