LLG: today’s learnings…hmm…use what you know to adjust to the current situation. In my case, it was how to cook a steak. Since I knew this cut of meat today was much thicker than my usual, had to adjust searing time 30 seconds more on each side. It came out great though. I get that we all have our versions of certain dishes, but sometimes, I feel like I was cheated when something isn’t what you’re used to being it called. In this case it was a banh mi sandwich. In the best case scenario, a banh mi is in a French baguette, has a meat of your choice marinated in a sweet sauce, with pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro, and raw jalapeños. Today’s was a version of it… But in my book, it wasn’t a banh mi, which led to a disappointment. Another learning is why did it take bra makers so long to come up with a hook on type for sports bras?

Gratitude goes to yet another win for the Cougs (we’re 7-1, #1 of the north pac-12 division), the great chants of go cougs during the game, Cougar gear, perfectly cooked steak on cast iron, and sweet potato treats.

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