LLG: learned today bout a new restaurant near the house. They have shaved noodles which is something we’ve been testing out for a while now. Wasn’t the biggest fan but seems like it’s not too bad. Tomorrow’s my night to cook. Get to have me some good piece of meat. Also learned about LegitScript, a tech company focused on security compliance. Got a screening exercise to do if I’m still interested. Sean and I started talking about dressing up as a ghost for Halloween and now I’m watching Casper. I remember watching this when it came out in 1995. I was in 6th grade lol. Do kids even say “are you chicken?” anymore? Christina Ricci is so young. And Devon Sawa. I had the biggest crush on the guy back then. I’m now crushing on a completely different kind of guy.

Grateful for old movies, texting, new restaurants, Thai tea ice cream, and recruiters.

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