LLG: Learned that if I can’t seem to get through a book by reading it, it’s worth trying to listen to it.  The narrative voice plays a huge role, but I’m on chapter 8 for the Twelve Patients by Dr. Erin Manheimer–the book that the new NBC show New Amsterdam is based on.  The mix of Spanish words—mainly describing delicious Mexican foods enlightens me.  Who wouldn’t known this book is filled with lots of stories from Mexico? Even Popocatepetl came up.  I’ve never timed myself when reading a book, but audible says this book is 11 hours long. It has 12 chapters, so roughly an hour per chapter.  I wonder if that’s accurate? I’ve changed the narration speed to 1.80 as the default was way too slow.  Reading a book–I feel like I can go through a book quite quickly, way less than half a day, but who knows. I’ve never timed myself.  I read Creative Confidence as an e-book today too.  I skimmed the book from front to end.  It’s all about Design Thinking and how to put it into action.  It came full circle as the authors are a part of the company IDEOU— ideal u.  Clever huh? Some books I prefer reading it on paper, and others, I can read it easier digitally.  Wonder if there’s a formula? 

Gratitude goes to 1-month free trial subscription for Audible, instagram follows, life as it is, inspiration, and online resources.

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