LLG: This is the first season I’ve watched The Voice from the start. It’s amazing to see the growth that these amazing vocalists has gone through. It’s one thing to know your voice and another to cover a song and make it your own. The first live playoff was a hard one. Some chose the best songs for them while others, I felt could’ve picked a better song for their voice. Team JHud is the strongest in my opinion. I’ve got my faves and hope to continue who makes it to the final. I learned how to make Daikon mochi (radish mochi) typically served for dim sum. This recipe called for tuna but it tasted really good. We also attempted the first clafouti today, but we were all too full to taste it. Clafouti for breakfast, cuz why not?

Grateful for The Voice, listening powers, music, karaoke, and commercial.

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