LLG: Finally met Michael Twitty. He’s down to earth and filled with so much wisdom. Made me want to track down my ancestry as well. Go on a Lion trip if you will, mixing in culinary and cultural traditions. Learned today that we all need to first listen to our own stories, really learn who we are, where we came from, and then tell our own stories. I’m excited to read the book, and compare it with Carla Hall. Learned today why I despise shopping in store. Other than size… It’s so much easier to go through the clearance ‘rack’ online than in person, having to juggle through piles and piles of clothes. Also learned that I need to do more, not for the sake of living, but also gives me updates to tell people. It should be enough umph to get me to find that next job.

Gratitude goes to Melibee, Missy, Michael, listening to stories, and culinary history.

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