It takes 21 days to create a habit, but it only takes a week to lose momentum. Here’s to rebuilding good habits. It’s been about 4 months since the last LLG post. For my new readers (yes, you!) LLG stands for lessons learned and gratitude. Each day I share what I learned and what I’m grateful for. You might think what’s there to learn when you’ve been out of school for so long, but you’d be surprised. I challenge you to think of one thing per day that you’ve learned. It can be anything. Something you didn’t know yesterday that you now know today. You’d be surprised at how many things we learn on a daily basis. Now imagine if you learned something new by simply reading my posts. That’s at least one new discovery you’re going to encounter.

Hmm, so there’s definitely countless things I learned since my last post, but I’m going to start with today.

I learned that even with a common language of English, there’s still differences in cultural context. (you might be thinking, you out of all people should know that by now) but, I’m talking in the context of industries. I thought I knew food industry lingo but boy was I wrong. To put things into perspective, I’ve been helping a client with starting up a mobile food trailer. Learning about how to get a business license in WA, city license, city permits, UBI, Washington Labor & Industries inspection, health inspection… The whole 9 yards. Not to mention, designing the inside of a trailer, all while going in between English and Japanese. I’ve learned what a type II hood vent is and how it’s different from a type I. I love it when I see a favorite food truck parked nearby but I never knew the processes it took to get there. Takes patience, mission, vision, and understanding of the food industry (in and out), not to mention mullah, and lots of back and forth communication to build a new food trailer.

On a different note, who knew about the bookmark feature in Google doc? Made me happy to realize there’s ways to bookmark sections within a gdoc. Would’ve made creating a table of contents in the past so much easier… But now I know 🙂

Listened in on a how to code webinar today. Coding reminded me a lot of learning geometry proofs and excel functions. Again, it’s English, but different contexts. It’s essentially like learning a new language but with a lot of familiar math concepts. Power to Fly has some great webinars and recordings of past live chats.

Grateful for the ability to smell Indian spices, to know what to do if I were to start a food truck business, the complexity of the English language, free webinars, and running water.

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