writing it all out

so I’ve been having some problems with certain issues and instead of talking it out, I’ve decided to write it all out.  If you want to comment on it that’s fine, if not, well that’s cool too as long as I get it off my chest. 

– A Tribute to a Friend-
    The spill of chaos, glass pieces everywhere. Water running down, a shattered reflection of an unknown being. Liquid drops along the surface, flowing as if it knows where to head. Myriad of glass screaming out color and opinions. Taking a piece of this glass, it cuts open a fresh life. Again, it screams out opinionated expressions. Blood, goriness, happiness, worry, doubt, predictions, past, fresh start, future. Subsequently, liquid flows out. High viscosity, gooey, self inflicted pain or accidental? No answer needed, it’s simply a wound. A flow of opinion, an open door for a market places of ideas. Selling an image, selling self. Percieved as unique, seen as freak. Colors added to enhance a vision. Remembrance, a legacy. To make a point. A warning, a side-note, a mistake. What’s done is done. Ultimately, the door needs to be closed. The opinion that really matters is hers, and hers only. Now leave her be before her glassball shatters.

– Listen –

– Trust –
    Your fondle care,
    Your fondle laughter,
    Joking comments, serious kindness,
    Endless teasing, ultimate funness. 

    Can I trust you, if I let go? 
    Would you flip things over…
    Would I change views…
    Would situation change…
    … if I let go? 

    Your fondle care, 
    Your fondle laughter, 
    Joking comments, serious kindness, 
    Endless teasing, ultimate funness. 

    There’d be a change, 
    in all its meaning, 
    wouldn’t it…
    …if I let go. 

    Don’t get me wrong, 
    My fondle care, 
    My fondle laughter, 
    My joking comments, my serious kindness, 
    My endless teasing, and my ultimate funness, 
    may change as well. 

    but can I trust you, if I let go? 
    Can I trust myself, if you let go? 

    Who do I trust? 

    Nobody: Just let it go. 

Ok, well that’s done with and I guess I feel a little better now. 

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  • One anonymous comment left: 

Jun. 11th, 2004 08:51 pm (local)lisa, i think it’s ok to care about the girl. it’s really showing your true kindness. maybe you had her as a best friend when you were young and you didn’t get along too well lately but you still care about her. that’s not something many people can do,like what kenji said. because you’re a caring person, because you know her and because you in a way want to help her, i think it’s worrying you. and that’s a a sunao na personality and i think it’s wonderful to have that. just use that feeling to show her that you care for her. drop her a line or two. just let her know that there are people that cares about her. don’t be frustrated, just be the friend that she needs. from what i hear from you, it sounds like she is yelling silently for help.

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