Fun Game

-Fun- by Taeko Saito

boys are fun. 
they are like video games. 
you have to have a certain tactic for each of them
and you can’t really play the same game for longer than a certain amount of time.
unless youre really into the game.
some games take longer to beat.
others are easier.
some games are fun to play little by little.
some games you just get into it so much
that you play for the first three days nonstop 
but later on you kinda get bored.
once you beat the game, 
some games you just dont ever wanna play again.
but other games, 
you wanna play over and over and over again.
i wanna find that game 🙂

so, I liked this poem, and I just wanted to say, I already found that game, and I enjoy every minute of it.

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