LLG: Today was full of surprises, but let me jot down Carla Hall’s words before I forget.  

  • “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
  • “Own your difference.”
  • “Say yes, adventure follows, and then growth.”
  • “World is waiting for you to show up.” 
  • “Don’t be a lessonator.”
  • “If you feel frustration about something that happens to you, that frustration is about a teacher coming to you to teach you that thing.  It wasn’t about them.  It was about getting me frustrated enough so that I would move from that.  So of all this blame and not taking responsibility, you can play that game but you’re gonna delay your gifts and you’re gonna delay your lesson.  So, if you are frustrated, that is your lesson.  If you are indifferent about what’s happening with somebody, it’s their lesson and you can just look and support them while they’re going through it, but that’s not your lesson.” 
  • “Being able to recognize it’s your lesson instead of looking to point the blame.” 

Learned about the new feature google has for G Suite where you can type in doc.new or slide.new or sheet.new (you get the gist) to create a new document right from the address bar.  Saves so much time! Another lesson I learned is that people can amaze you every day if you let it happen. 

Gratitude goes to Sean and his silliness, Edtech jobs, understanding people, videos, and The Voice. 

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