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Lessons Learned & Gratitude

LLG: Applied to become a volunteer crisis counselor and a transcriptor. It’s the small wins that will lead me to the big wins. Not positive what that entails, but I’ll know when I get there. Learned the importance of family: the biological and the non biological one. While one may hesitate when giving away a part of themselves to a complete stranger, another may do so with open arms. Compassion and empathy. It exists. We need to condition ourselves to think the positive, and not the opposite. The power of support, whatever shape, style, or form that comes in, is infinite. It’ll allow us as society to persevere and be there for another. I mean, we all start as strangers and build our connections, right? We simply got to start.

Gratitude goes to compassion, giving, action, references, and learning.

LLG: Finally met Michael Twitty. He’s down to earth and filled with so much wisdom. Made me want to track down my ancestry as well. Go on a Lion trip if you will, mixing in culinary and cultural traditions. Learned today that we all need to first listen to our own stories, really learn who we are, where we came from, and then tell our own stories. I’m excited to read the book, and compare it with Carla Hall. Learned today why I despise shopping in store. Other than size… It’s so much easier to go through the clearance ‘rack’ online than in person, having to juggle through piles and piles of clothes. Also learned that I need to do more, not for the sake of living, but also gives me updates to tell people. It should be enough umph to get me to find that next job.

Gratitude goes to Melibee, Missy, Michael, listening to stories, and culinary history.

LLG: This is the first season I’ve watched The Voice from the start. It’s amazing to see the growth that these amazing vocalists has gone through. It’s one thing to know your voice and another to cover a song and make it your own. The first live playoff was a hard one. Some chose the best songs for them while others, I felt could’ve picked a better song for their voice. Team JHud is the strongest in my opinion. I’ve got my faves and hope to continue who makes it to the final. I learned how to make Daikon mochi (radish mochi) typically served for dim sum. This recipe called for tuna but it tasted really good. We also attempted the first clafouti today, but we were all too full to taste it. Clafouti for breakfast, cuz why not?

Grateful for The Voice, listening powers, music, karaoke, and commercial.

LLG: Did you know the term monkey bread comes from the idea that people can break apart food like monkeys do? Also clafouti is a French dessert typically with real fruit and baked flan. So good. And so easy to make!

Gratitude goes to clafouti, sweet potato, leftover fondue, warm blankets, and giving massages.

LLG: I had no idea Uwajimaya sold black truffles.  It was about $22 for a small piece.  I didn’t know such a delicate ingredient was readily available like that.  Always imagined it’s an ingredient that you need the right connections for… thanks to No Reservations lol.  Made Sweet Potato again, with slight modifications.  Turns out it’s better as small circles, and parchment paper saves the day.  If only job search can be as exciting as transforming recipes.  Anyone have the perfect recipe for job search?  Let me know. 

Gratitude goes to Trader Joe’s, Costco, Uwajimaya, being a foodie, and sharing the sausage twerking video to Sean.  (it’ll scar you for life). 

LLG: I learned today that jellyfish is 95% water, which led me to research what kind of jellyfish are the edible kind. Turns out there’s about 6 kinds of jellyfish that are edible. For those of you who haven’t tried jellyfish yet, there isn’t much flavor but the texture is unique. Often times it’s dried and then rehydrated when mixing it in salads and such.

Learned today of yet another shooting. Ever since the midterm election, Washington passed initiative 940. Saw a friend’s post who is clearly opposed to the initiative, but I’ve heard, listened, and researched regarding this particular initiative, as my student government leaders had to vote whether to endorse it as an organization. Senseless shootings need to stop. It’s insane to think there has been 307 shootings, 382 deaths in 312 days of 2018. That’s like saying we’ve had a shooting everyday except for a 5 day work week off. It should not be the norm where someone ends up in 2 shootings in their life time. We can’t normalize this in our society.

Gratitude goes to warm blankets, two sides to a story, ability to reach out, communication and accepting criticism.

LLG: Learned of a friend’s sibling’s death.  In fact, this is the 2nd death I’ve heard of this month.  It’s tragedies like these that make you think what would happen if there was no tomorrow? What would you do if you knew tomorrow wouldn’t come? What would you say? What would you want? I honestly would want people to know of my passing.  I’d hope my sister would somehow let people on my phone contacts and social media know of my passing in one way or another.  I’d like Sean to know for sure.  

Gratitude goes to life, social media, 24 hours, news, and wishes.

LLG: Learned today that I have a lot to show for myself.  I’m in need of a mantra. A phrase or statement I can tell myself every morning.  Something that aligns with my WHY and vision.  Self-validation seems so empty at times, like getting validation from others is more meaningful or powerful, yet, it’s rather the hardest. If you can’t believe in yourself then who can? People may compare me with another, but in the end, I’m me, and that’s all who I’d like to compare myself with.  My past me, present me, and future me.  No one else.  

Gratitude goes to the little wins, won a tank top, got my fundraiser gifts, hunt for a short but powerful mantra, and enjoying the arts. 

LLG: Today, I learned about a homeless person (ホームレス小谷) in Japan who has apparently made himself quite famous. He basically lives off of people’s compassion and willingness to share resources.  I suppose there’s always two sides to the story, but at one hand, this homeless guy doesn’t have a job or a home and yet he’s happy go lucky because there are people who want to meet him that will pay for his transportation, food, and lodging, and he’s fine with it.  Others may view that as a smoocher or simply lazy person who is using other people’s money.  What’s interesting to me is the question in hand when it comes to ‘giving’ someone a place to stay at your place without knowing them.  The idea behind boundaries or a lack thereof within our society is something to think about.  This guy creates connections via social media and goes and meets people in person.  He’s been living this life for five years now, and there’s plenty more according to his connections.   I suppose if he has his WHY then that’s all that matters.  

According to Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Language, my top 3 dominants (all the same scores) were: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.  I scored the least in gifts and acts of service.  What does that say about me? It simply means that these 3 love languages speak louder to me than doing or giving me something.  Spending quality time while using words and physical touch is how I value and create meaning within the relationship.  I’m not too surprised with the result as it describes a typical day of shenanigans whether I’m spending the day with friends or a significant other. 

Gratitude goes to love for football, finding solutions to problems, dim sum, NHK Special, and self-awareness. 

LLG: Learned a new recipe using sweet potatoes. Relearned that I probably had my first squid ink pasta at the Spanish restaurant called Puerto Chico in Mexico city. Also learned we went to several Italian restaurants, named La Trattoria. I’m not a huge pasta fan, but enjoying to like certain pasta dishes.

Grateful for learning new recipes, WSU football, squid ink pasta, Japanese drama, and Japanese music.